South Central Section

Reports of Past Section Meetings


Fall 2019 October 25-27 Sweetwater, Texas / Abilene, Texas

Hosted by the Brazos River Chapter

Board Minutes
Business Minutes (include financial reports)

Next Section Meeting - April 24-26, McKinney, Texas

Spring 2019 March 22-24 Kearney, Nebraska

Hosted by the Nebraska Chapter along with the Aux Plaines Chapter of the North Central Section

Board Minutes
Business Minutes (include financial reports)

Next Section Meeting - October 27-27, Abilene, Texas

Fall 2018 October 26-27 Wichita Falls, Texas

Hosted by the Wichita Falls Chapter

The weekend began with a wine and painting event, where members connected over an art project, painting a pretty taildragger. The next day was chock full of education activities, starting with a tour of Sheppard Air Force Base and continuing with a tour of the Air Tractor factory. The day culminated with a group dinner and viewing of The Legend of Pancho Barnes.  

Saturday began with a productive and informative business meeting, led by our Section Governor Gretchen Jahn. She, along with International representative Terry Carbonell and other Section Board members, provided updates on new information on the International web site, the modernization of the international bylaws and standing rules, the implementation of the new Letĺs Fly Now! initiative, and changes to the different scholarship requirements and deadlines. Afterward all the Chapter Chairmen in attendance gathered to share ideas on how to strengthen their Chapters, focusing on member recruitment and retention. We then headed to a nearby airport for an airshow and BBQ. Saturday eveningĺs banquet honored Carol Craig Morris of the Fort Worth Chapter, who received the FAAĺs Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, which recognizes individuals who have exhibited professionalism, skill, and aviation expertise for at least 50 years while piloting aircraft as "Master Pilots".

Board Minutes
Business Minutes

Next Section Meeting - March 21-24, Kearney, Nebraska

Spring 2018 May 3-6 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hosted by the Pikes Peak Chapter

Board Minutes
Business Minutes

2018-2020 Officers installed at banquet by Cathy Prudhomme

Sandra Leder (Nominating Committee), Sue Osborne (Nominating Committee,
Aileen Hummel (Director), Elizabeth Frankowski (Treasurer), Monica Randolph-Graham (Vice Governor), 
Gretchen Jahn (Governor), Camilla Smith (Secretary) Stephenie Roberts (Past Governor)

Next Section Meeting - October 26-27, Wichita Falls, Texas

Fall 2017

October 5-8

Shreveport, Louisiana

Hosted by the Shreveport Chapter

Board Minutes
Business Minutes

Next Section Meeting - May 3-6, 2018, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Spring 2017 May 6 San Antonio, Texas

Hosted by the SCS Board and the 2017 Conference planning committee - Planning for 2017 International Conference

Board Minutes
Business Minutes

Next Section Meeting - October 5-8, Shreveport, Louisiana

Fall 2016 September 15-17 Oklahoma City, OK

Hosted by the Oklahoma Chapter

The Oklahoma Chapter were wonderful hostesses for the South Central Section meeting in Oklahoma City on September 16-18. On Friday Dr. Ken Carson treated us to a bus tour of the meteorology facilities at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, where a group of students demonstrated the use of drones to gather detailed weather data. That evening we had a lovely reception at our International Headquarters, with special viewing of the 99s Museum of Women Pilots. Saturdayĺs business meeting was followed by an informative session on ADS-B. The evening banquet featured Heather Dirksen, who spoke of the role The 99s have played in her aviation journey.

Board Minutes
Business Minutes

Next Section Meeting - May 6, 2017, San Antonio, Texas

Spring 2016

May 19-22

Fredericksburg, TX

Hosted by the Austin Chapter

The meeting was held at the Inn on Barons Creek right near all the Main Street activities. 

Friday began with a fascinating tour of the Mooney Factory, followed by shopping in the historic downtown or visiting the National Museum of the Pacific War. The day wrapped up with a wonderful welcome reception at the nearby Woerner Warehouse.

After the Saturday morning Business meeting, there were interesting talks by Linda Street-Ely about the latest on Fore-flight, and Carol Foy about her around the world record-setting flight in 2008. The evening banquet was held in the beautiful Lavender Haus located at the Becker Vineyards where we were treated to a tour of the winery and wine tasting before the banquet. Our speaker was the very entertaining Rebecca Hempel speaking about the trials and tribulations of her flying career culminating in flying the B-747 for Atlas Airlines.

At the banquet the new SCS officers were installed by International Vice-President Jan McKenzie (see Board).

Board Minutes
Business Minutes

Next Section Meeting - September 15-18, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Fall 2015 October 15-18 Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hosted by the Rio Grande Norte Chapter

Board Minutes
Business Minutes

Spring 2015 May 14-17 Fayetteville, Arkansas

Hosted by the Arkansas Chapter

Board Minutes
Business Minutes

Fall 2014 September 25-28 Wichita, KS

Hosted by the Kansas and Northeast Kansas Chapters

Thursday: Hospitality room full of vendors for shopping and browsing, Book Fair, Aviation Time-Line ,snacks & beverages, registration and visiting area. Evening at Mid-American All Indian Center dinner under the flags of nations, a tour of the museum, a film about how the Wichita Indians were employed at Boeing for the building of aircraft for World War II, and a walk around the Keeper of the Plains statue and lighting of the Arkansas River fire-pots at sunset.

Friday: A city-wide bus tour of historical buildings, aircraft plants, the Amelia Earhart Elementary School for special display, and lunch at Stearman Field in Benton, Kansas, and a tour of the new condo-hangars being built on the airport. Business meeting, followed by an Antiques Roadshow dinner theme.

Saturday: Business meeting of the Chapter representatives conducted by Section Governor Jerry Anne Jurenka, a fashion show luncheon, a seminar with author/speaker Mike Campbell, about the fate of Amelia Earhart in 1937 over the Pacific Ocean, a 99 helium-filled balloon launch in memory of the original founding members for the 85th anniversary, dinner with program consisting of a first-person performance of founding Ninety-Nine member, Louise Thaden, and musical entertainment. "Banquet In Blue" attendees all dressed in blue, our corporate color.

There were 50 registered Ninety-Nines from 8 states in the South Central Section

Board Minutes
Business Minutes

Spring 2014 May 16-18 Galveston, TX

Hosted by the Houston Chapter in Galveston, Texas. 

The board meeting was held Friday afternoon before heading off to Sea Tales for a great buffet dinner and conversation.

Board meeting minutes

The Section business meeting was held on Saturday morning. There were several reports from advisors, the International representative, Leslie Ingham and those Chapters in attendance.  Each Chapter Chairman (or representative) told us about their Chapter meetings. 

Business meeting minutes

Several seminars were available before the evening 'island party' dinner and speaker. The new Section officers for 2014-2016 were installed.

Governor Jerry Anne Jurenka
Vice-Governor Stephenie Roberts
Secretary Carol Brackley
Treasurer Frances Luckhart
Directors Kay Alley
Elizabeth Frankowski
Nominating Committee Cathy Prudhomme
DiDi Shaefer
Jill Shockley


Fall 2013 September 27-29 Tyler, TX

Hosted by the Texas Dogwood Chapter.

On Friday evening, there was a hanger dance party at the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum at Tyler Pounds Airport.

The Section business meeting was held on Saturday morning. There were several reports from advisors, the International representative, Dianne Cole and those Chapters in attendance.  Each Chapter Chairman (or representative) told us about their Chapter fund raising activities. Everyone was reminded that the Section newsletter, the Approach, will be distributed by email starting in the spring of 2014. Subscriptions will be available if needed. The Awards luncheon was held following the meeting.

Saturday afternoon and evening was spent at Sally Coker's "Kay Ranch". Several seminars were available before dinner.

Board meeting minutes

Business meeting minutes

2013 International Conference July 10-13 Bozeman, Montana, USA

Hosted by the Northwest Section

The 2013 Ninety-Nines International Conference was held in Bozeman, Montana July 11-14. Attendance was record-setting, and a whopping 65 planes with 99s flew in for the meeting. Facilities were severely strained by the greater than expected attendance.

Thursday afternoon everyone was treated to a trip to "Big Sky" ski resort, followed by a BBQ dinner and hayride at the Broken Hart Ranch. The highlight of the evening was a performance by Erica Linderman doing a reenactment of Amelia Earhart's life.

On Friday morning we had a fascinating guest speaker, Addison Pemberton, describing his rebuilding of the only flying Boeing 40C airmail carrier plane. This was followed by the Amelia Earhart scholarship luncheon.

Saturday morning was the Annual Business Meeting and election of new International Directors and Trustees. Several proposed bylaws were presented.

Finally the weekend concluded with the awards banquet Saturday night.  

Many other outings and activities were offered highlighting the beautiful mountainous area around Bozeman, such as fishing, rafting, horseback riding, and even a guided flight over Yellowstone National Park.

Spring 2013 May 16-19 San Antonio, TX

The Spring meeting was hosted by the San Antonio Chapter in San Antonio, TX. On Friday afternoon, there was a tour of several missions and the Stinson Airport. There was a board meeting on Friday afternoon. After the meeting there was a boat ride down the RiverWalk and dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Board meeting minutes

The Section business meeting was held on Saturday morning. There were several reports from advisors, the International representative, Corbi Bulluck, a presentation about the PPLI and those Chapters in attendance.  Each Chapter Chairman (or representative) told us about their Chapter activities. Everyone was reminded that the Section newsletter, the Approach, will be distributed by email starting in the spring of 2014. Subscriptions will be available if needed. Donations were made: $500 to the Endowment Fund Operation expenses and $500 to NIFA for sponsorship of the Women's Achievement Award.

Business meeting minutes

Saturday afternoon was free to tour the Riverwalk. The evening banquet speaker was Dr. Scott Bolton, Director of Space, Science and Engineering of the SW Research Institute. His subject was the Juno project to Jupiter.

Fall 2012 Oct 19-21 El Paso, TX

The Fall meeting was hosted by the El Paso Chapter in El Paso, TX. There was a board meeting and Governor's forum on Friday afternoon. Following the meeting we went to the War Eagle's Air Museum at Santa Theresa field to spend some time looking at airplanes and then have dinner.

Board meeting minutes

The Section business meeting was held on Saturday morning. There were several reports from advisors, an International representative, Dianne Cole, and those Chapters in attendance.  Each Chapter Chairman (or representative) told us about one activity that their Chapter is doing. The decision was made to begin distributing the Section newsletter, the Approach, by email starting in the spring of 2014. Subscriptions will be available if needed. Since there was a small profit from the Spring meeting in Durant, OK, the Section voted to donate $2500 to the Endowment Fund.

Business meeting minutes

Saturday afternoon saw some of us on a tour of Old Mesilla in New Mexico. The evening banquet was held at the Sunland Park Race Course. Out speaker was CW3 Camille Griffin, US Army from the El Paso Chapter who told about her "meandering path" to finding her dream job flying for the army.

Some of the attendees went to the Amigo Airsho at Biggs Army Airfield on Sunday.

Spring 2012 Apr 27-29 Durant, OK

Hosted by the Wildflower Chapter and the Section Board

Board meeting minutes
Business meeting minutes

New officers for 2012-2014
Governor: Cathy Wappler
Vice Governor: Jerry Anne Jurenka
Secretary: Kay Alley
Treasurer: Lois Gronau-Fietz
Directors: Stephenie Roberts, Kris Irvin-Herron
Nominating Committee: Rose Lepore, Jody McCarrell, Phyllis Scott

Fall 2011 Oct 21-23 Durango, CO

Hosted by the Colorado Chapter and the Southwest Section

Business meeting minutes

Girl Scout Presentation

Spring 2011 May 19-22 Lafayette, LA

Hosted by the Lake Charles Chapter and will be held in conjunction with the Southeast Section

Business meeting minutes

Fall 2010 October 21-23 Fort Worth, TX

Hosted by the Fort Worth Chapter

Board meeting minutes
Business meeting minutes

Spring 2010 Apr 23-25 Mesquite, TX

Hosted by the Dallas Chapter

Board meeting minutes
Business meeting minutes

Fall 2009
Oct 2-4 Denton, TX

Hosted by the Golden Triangle Chapter

The Golden Triangle Chapter hosted a great section meeting in Denton, TX. It's fun to go someplace we've never been before.

We started off with the Section Board of Directors meeting on Friday afternoon (minutes) with the Governor's forum following.

In the evening, the Golden Triangle Chapter invited us to help them celebrate their 40th anniversary with them. They put on a fabulous spread which included some great homemade wine. We all had a great time celebrating. And lot's of door prizes.

The Section business meeting was held Saturday morning (minutes, final financial for 2008-09, financial as of 10-1-2009). Several reports were given by Section and International officers. There were also several advisor's reports.  Following break, Anne Whonic gave a membership presentation and we also reviewed the new International website. A proposed amendment to the Section bylaws was presented and passed. This was a housekeeping update to stay in compliance with the International bylaws. The Travel Award was presented to the San Antonio Chapter and the Golden Triangle Chapter won the Scrapbook Award. Dallas invited everyone to the Spring 2010 meeting in Mesquite, Texas to see the 'Real Texas Festival'. More information on the spring meeting is on the Meetings page and the registration form will be there soon..

In the afternoon, we toured the Women in Aviation Collections at Texas Woman's University, official archive of the WASP. This collection also features the Whirly-Girls, Women Military Aviators, the Mercury 13 program and Ninety-Nines artifacts. There was also a special exhibit of 'Texas Women Flyers'. It was a fun and educational afternoon.

The evening banquet was held at the Denton Women's Club. Our speaker was our own Jacqui Boyd of the Rio Grande Norte Chapter. She was a previous Golden Triangle Chapter member. She led us through a great discussion on 'Ninety-Nines - From Beginning to Beyond' with lost of interesting questions. Some of which we answered, but not all of them. And more door prizes.

Spring 2009 May 15-17 Pecan Plantation, Granbury, TX

Hosted by the Brazos River Chapter

Thank you, Brazos River Chapter, for a fabulous Section Meeting at the Pecan Plantation in beautiful Granbury, Texas. Rolling hills, rivers and lakes greeted The Ninety-Nines along with a private runway and the nicest people east of the Pecos. There were airplane rides and walks around the beautiful, little town of Granbury, not to mention talks by Samantha Weeks, Thunderbird pilot and Betty Jo Reed, a WASP. The Brazos River runs around the Pecan Plantation Country Club and its beaches are covered with flat stones perfect for skipping, and sea shells from another era.

The Section Board of Directors meeting was held Friday afternoon (Minutes) with the Governor's forum was held following the board meeting. Carol Rayburn presented the proposed amendments to the International bylaws that will be voted on at the Conference in Chicago in July.

Also on Friday afternoon, there were videos, airplane rides and hanger flying on the porch at the home of Bonnie & Tom Lewis. Friday evening, dinner was held at the Pecan Plantation Country Club, where the speaker was Samantha Weeks, USAF Thurderbird pilot.

The Section business meeting was held Saturday morning. Several reports were given by Section and International officers. Then each Chapter gave a short report on what their Chapter has been doing for the past year. (Minutes and Treasurer's Report). The SCS Chapter Chairman's manual has been revised to become a smaller supplement to the International Chapter Chairman's manual that is now available on the International website. The Golden Triangle Chapter invited everyone to the Fall 2009 meeting in Denton, Texas where we will visit the WASP collection at Texas Women's University. More information on the fall meeting is on the Meetings Page.

The Houston Chapter won the travel award, but Amelia Bearhart will stay with the San Antonio Chapter until after Sherry Walker and Nancy Aldrich take her with them on the Air Race Classic in June.

In the afternoon, many 99s visited Granbury or did some more hanger flying on Bonnie's porch. The evening was a BBQ in the Lewis's hanger and talks with WASP Betty Jo Reed. 

Fall 2008 September 12-14 Amarillo, TX

Hosted by the South Central Section officers

The Section Board of Directors meeting was held Friday afternoon. Minutes. The Governor's forum was held following the board meeting.

Friday evening we had dinner at the Big Texan. Several of us were picked up in limos with longhorns prominently displayed on the hood. While there, we watched someone attempt to eat the 'famous 72 oz steak'.

The Section business meeting was held Saturday morning. Several reports were give and the 2007-2008 Awards were presented. The San Antonio Chapter was recognized for their 50th anniversary. Following the general meeting, we broke up into groups to do some brain storming led by International President, Susan Larson. Minutes. Treasurer's Report

Since the San Antonio Chapter won the travel award, it was decided that Amelia Bearhart would go home with them until the next meeting.

In the afternoon, we visited Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the continental United States and enjoyed a talk by a park ranger. That evening we traveled to the River Breaks Ranch for horse racing and a BBQ dinner. The Brazos River Chapter invited everyone to the Spring 2009 meeting at the Pecan Plantation in Texas. More information on the meeting is on the Meetings Page

Spring 2008 March 14-16 Albuquerque, NM

Hosted by the Albuquerque Chapter

The Section Board of Directors meeting was held Friday morning and many members attended. Minutes

The Governor's forum was held following the board meeting and then after lunch there was a trip to Eclipse Aviation and then everyone was on their own for dinner.

The Section business meeting was held Saturday morning. Minutes

In the afternoon, the Albuquerque Chapter devised a geocaching game wherein teams used handheld GPSs to locate Amelia Bearhart. Amelia the Bear will travel with members of the South Central Section who will then record each place Amelia visits. Amelia is equipped with a log book, goggles, leather helmet and satchel. Check the 'Where's Amelia' page for more information and pictures.

During the banquet Saturday evening, new officers for 2008-2010 were installed. They will take office on June 1, 2008..

Governor Jan McKenzie
Vice-Governor Deb Price
Treasurer Lisa Ward
Secretary Cathy Wappler
Director Charlotte Larson
Director Jo Agee-Housler

It was announced following the installation that Deb Price would be resigning as Vice-Governor due to her work schedule. Following the banquet a special board meeting was held and Jody McCarrell was appointed Vice-Governor for 2008-2010. Minutes

An additional Special Business Meeting was held to confirm the new officers by acclamation. Minutes

Spring 2007 April 27-29 Lincoln, NE

Hosted by the Nebraska Chapter

This was a joint meeting with the North Central Section. It was good to visit with 99s we don't often get to see.

Registration started early on Friday morning and many of the attendees headed off to the SAC Museum for a tour and lunch. In the afternoon everyone headed out to Duncan Aviation for a tour of their facilities and a catered dinner in their cafeteria.

The Section Board of Directors meeting was held in the evening. Minutes

On Saturday morning we started off with the Governor's forum and then moved right into the business meeting. Minutes

Seminars were held in the afternoon and in the evening the banquet was for both sections. Following dinner and a short talk by a last minute speaker, Jody McCarrell ran an auction to raise money for several of our trusts.

There will not be a fall SCS meeting as we expect everyone to attend the International Conference in Colorado which we are hostessing on September 12-16, 2007. For more information click here.

Fall 2006 Sep 22-24 Odessa, TX

Hosted by the Purple Sage Chapter

The Section meeting started off with the  Board of Directors meeting Friday morning. Minutes

In the afternoon, the Governor's forum was held, followed by the 2007 Conference session. Friday evening the Purple Sage Chapter hosted a barbecue at the CAF High Sky Wing Hangar at the Midland Airport.

The Business meeting on Saturday morning began with the installation of the new officers. Minutes

Seminars were held in the afternoon and then everyone left for a tour of the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Midland.

The meeting wound down with a banquet on Saturday night.

The next Section meeting will be in Lincoln, Nebraska, April, 27-29, 2007.

Spring 2006 May 19-21 Wichita, KS

Hosted by the Kansas Chapter

Seeing old friends and acquaintances is always a treat for Ninety-Nine members as we greeted each other in the lobby of the Holiday Inn.

The Board of Directors meeting was held on Friday morning. Minutes

Several Ninety-Nines chose to tour the Allen Lambe House Museum, which is a fabulous house, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1915. We were shuttled there in a jaunty, trolley-style bus with Kansas Chapter member Kay Alley, who gave an informative and humorous historical summary about the Wichita area. 

Friday night found Section attendees at Mosley Street Melodrama Theater in the Old Town section of Wichita´┐Żs downtown area. A raucous melodrama did ensue, leaving many Ninety-Nines laughing all the way back to the hotel. 

Several proposed changes to the South Central Section bylaws and standing rules were passed in the spring business meeting; also included were the treasurer´┐Żs report, international trust report and Jan McKenzie´┐Żs report on the 2007 International Conference, which will be hosted by the South Central Section in the Boulder/Denver area of Colorado. Minutes

Saturday night the banquet was a hit. An excellent entr´┐Że of baked chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans was on the menu with either carrot cake or chocolate cake sitting at each place setting before the dinner began. This writer saw many a carrot cake being switched for the chocolate. 

The fall Section meeting, hosted by the Purple Sage Chapter, will be held in Odessa, Texas, September 22-24.

Fall 2005 Sept 30 - Oct 2 Colorado Springs, CO

Hosted by the Pikes Peak Chapter

The Board of Directors meeting was held on Friday morning. Minutes

After lunch there was a tour of the NORAD (North American Air Defense) Command Center at Cheyenne Mountain for some, while others checked out the shopping in Old Colorado City. There was a Governor's Open Forum in the afternoon. Then the Section attendees boarded Skate City buses for a ride to the Flying W Ranch near the incomparable Garden of the Gods. The Flying W offers chuck wagon barbeque dinners and a rollicking show of cowboy songs and music. 

Saturday morning we attended the business meeting. Minutes

The afternoon was free with some taking a side trip to the Air Force Academy with great photo ops and Cadet Chapel ogling .

The festivities were finished off with a banquet Saturday night where we were entertained by several local flute players. The speaker was United 777 Captain Meryl Getline.

The following awards were announced:
- Travel Trophy ´┐Ż Kansas
- Governor´┐Żs Award ´┐Ż Oklahoma
- Annual Section Awards
    Chapter Operations - Rio Grande Norte
    Aviation Activities - Kansas
    Aerospace Education - Brazos River
    Safety - Houston
- Scrapbook ´┐Ż Golden Triangle

Spring 2005 April 22-24 Grand Junction, CO

Hosted by the High Country Chapter

Between the chocolate and the wine, there were no Ninety-Nines without smiles. The High Country Chapter knew just what turned our props. 

The weather, for those arriving in their own airplanes, was superb, but upon departure, a VFR pilot was out of luck, with rain in town and snow in the high country. Many flew commercial and were on their way Sunday before the chickens were up. 

For those who arrived on Thursday there was a drive that stopped at several winerys and a meadery with a tour of the town of Palisade.

The Section board meet at noon on Friday.  Minutes

On Friday afternoon, a caravan of vans snaked its way up and down the dazzling Colorado National Monument with its many spires, caves and canyons. Ooohs, aaahs and wows could be heard while observing this fabulous site. 

After exiting the monument the Two Rivers Winery was a short drive away with wine tasting and a history lesson of the beautiful vineyard. 

After the Chapter Chairs' Meeting, members caravanned to Walker Field for a hangar party where Bennett's Bar-B-Q catered the tastiest fare imaginable. An extra added bit of rowdiness occurred when, on each table, several toy airplanes were assembled and the mini dog fights began. But nothing made the night as special as Ken Dravis' singing John Denver, Neil Diamond and his own aviation songs and just some good ol' rock 'n' roll. Many a leg was shaken.

On Saturday the 49´┐Żs either ambled on to the Petroglyph & Pale Ale lunch in Palisade or tested their drivers and irons on the links and lunched at Pinyon Grille.

The rest of us of course, attended the business meeting. Minutes

We were treated to three great speakers at the Saturday Afternoon Seminars. Julie Boatman from the Colorado Chapter and technical editor for the AOPA Pilot magazine, discussed in Saturday's seminar, "What Pilots Have Taught Me". 

Madeleine Monaco from the Chicago Area Chapter, an AEMSF trustee and a commercial pilot let us know about the benefits of the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship program.

Career-minded pilots were treated to Donna Miller's, a pilot with Pace Airlines suggestions and invaluable experiences we could all share with other members.

The tide of 99s and 49´┐Żs moved onto the area outside the hotel for a social hour before the banquet. We were entertained by Jeanie & Chuck Thomas while we caught up with one another on the day's activities.

The highlight of the banquet was the appearance of Dr. Sandra Magnus, NASA Astronaut. The slide show and movie she narrated were out of this world, so to speak.

It was a great time. The High Country Chapter is to be commended for their hospitality.

Fall 2004 September 24-26 Santa Fe, NM

Hosted by the Rio Grande Norte Chapter

The weather on the west side of the section was great, so there were quite a few members who were able to fly in. The airport was crowded as there were two other aviation groups in Santa Fe as well. 

For those who came in on Thursday, there was a Mountain Flying ground school with flying checkouts on Friday or Saturday. 

On Friday, there was a tour of Bandelier National Monument and Los Alamos Museums with a return in time for the Chapter Chair meeting in the afternoon.

During the Chapter Chair meeting, discussion was various chapter activities and concerns. Following this, Linda Horn, the SCS webmaster presented some information on how to get to the Members Only section of the International website and then how to use the Online Roster once you are there.

Following the Chapter Chair meeting, their was a Section board meeting. Minutes

Friday night was on your own to enjoy the many wonderful restaurants in and around the Plaza.

The Business Meeting was held Saturday morning. Minutes

Saturday afternoon was free to visit the Plaza and do some shopping.

The awards banquet was next door at the Inn at the Loretto. The quest speaker was Jim Montman, Manager of the Santa Fe Municipal Airport. He told us about the growth of the airport and what they are planning for the future. The following awards were announced:
- Travel Trophy ´┐Ż High Country
- Governor´┐Żs Award ´┐Ż Houston
- Scrapbook ´┐Ż Golden Triangle

For those who flew their own airplanes into to SAF, Saturday morning was a little different experience due to the many aircraft (over 100) that were leaving. Once you had done your preflight, loaded the airplane and were ready to go, you had to listen to ATIS to see how there were handling the traffic. Then you had to contact ground to get an engine start time.

Next stop - Grand Junction, CO in April 2005 to visit the High Country chapter.

Spring 2004 April 23-25 Houston, TX

Hosted by the Houston Chapter

Since the spring weather in East Texas is notorious for being unpredictable, most members either drove or came commercial. Turns out only four planes were able to make it and they all arrived on Thursday.

The first scheduled event was the Chapter Chair´┐Żs meeting on Friday afternoon. This was mainly just a general discussion on what is going on with the various chapters and some info on what will be discussed at the business meeting on Saturday. Rose Lepore gave us an overview on filling out the forms and the procedures required to apply for an Amelia Earhart scholarship.

Friday night everyone headed to the West Houston airport for a seminar on mountain flying ´┐Ż planning for the fall section in Santa Fe, NM and next spring in Grand Junction, CO.  Since the original speaker, Clancy Malony wasn´┐Żt able to make it, the Houston chapter called on several Colorado & Pike´┐Żs Peak members to get their input on this subject. There was good information from our own Deb Price and Kelli King of Pike´┐Żs Peak. Then we headed to a hanger for barbeque and entertainment.

Business Meeting Minutes

Saturday afternoon there were seminars on flying to Europe and vision issues affecting pilots.

That evening, we again went to West Houston Airport for a Mexican Fiesta and awards presentations. Maybelle Fletcher of the Houston chapter was presented with the FAA´┐Żs ´┐ŻMaster Pilot Award´┐Ż. This award has only been presented once previously (posthumously to Duane Cole). The speaker for the evening was astronaut Dr. Linda Godwin. Oklahoma won the travel trophy and door prizes and raffles were given out.

Fall 2003 Oct 10-12 Tulsa, OK

Hosted by the Tulsa Chapter

The spring Fall Central Section meeting was held in Tulsa, OK on October 10-12, 2003 and hosted by the Tulsa chapter.

Friday afternoon was the chapter chair´┐Żs meeting. This was a general discussion on what is going on with the various chapters and some info on what will be discussed at the business meeting on Saturday. Then the section membership chairman, Phyllis Wells, held a workshop on Membership R & R (Recruiting and Retaining).

Friday night the Tulsa chapter welcomed everyone with a barbeque and hanger party at the Richard Jones airport (RVS). Had some really interesting entertainment from a stand-up comic who insisted he really worked for Flight Service. Then we all took line-dancing lessons before we headed back to the hotel and drinks in the bar.

Saturday morning was the business meeting while the 49 1/2s had a presentation on aircraft building and restoration and a tour of RVS airport.

Business Meeting Minutes

There were seminars in the afternoon and the hospitality suite and fly market were open.

The awards banquet was Friday evening. The quest speaker was Dr. Jacque Boyd who told us about the research she has been doing for a book on the ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary) in England during WWII.  The following awards were announced:
- Travel Trophy ´┐Ż Houston
- Governor´┐Żs Award ´┐Ż Oklahoma
- Scrapbook ´┐Ż Golden Triangle

2003 International Conference ´┐Ż Huntsville, Alabama ´┐Ż July 8-13

The theme of the 2003 conference was the ´┐ŻSecond Century of Flight´┐Ż and was held at the Marriott next to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville.

In the days, before the conference, several 99s attended the Space Academy for Adults at the Space & Rocket Center. From all accounts, it was a great success and everyone had a great time playing astronaut.

Tuesday, July 8 included registration, credentials and the hospitality room

Wednesday, July 9 was the real beginning of things with tours, hospitality, fly market and various board meetings. In the evening there was a pool party at the hotel. One of out member from California won the drawing for a limo ride home. Since they wouldn´┐Żt really take her to Seattle, several of us got a limo tour of Huntsville.

Thursday, July 10 included the opening breakfast with a welcome from the mayor of Huntsville and a visit from a rather large astronaut. The day was free for tours and shopping. The pre-conference communication session was followed by the ´┐ŻSpace Odyssey´┐Ż dinner that was held at the Space and Rocket Center. There were cocktails in the museum and then a catered dinner in the museum lunchroom. Several people came in costume. Our own president, Jody McCarrell and Jerry Ann Jurenka were great as ´┐ŻMen in Black´┐Ż with Jody´┐Żs granddaughter, Megan as one of the aliens.

Friday, July 11 started with the annual business meeting in the morning and then since we concluded all the business in the first session, the afternoon was free for more tours, etc. Unless you were on the board, in which case, there was the post-conference board meeting.

Annual Meeting agenda

Call to Order, Invocation and Memorial to New Horizons
Credentials Report
      1180 delegate slips were mailed; 124 voting members and 13 non-voting members were  in attendance representing 17 sections; there were 872 delegate slips turned in for a 73.9% representation.
Declaration of Quorum, Adoption of Meeting Rules
Resolutions Committee Report and Adoption of Agenda
Reports of Officers
      New directors are Anna Taylor and Martha Dunbar
Financial Report
Headquarters Report
      Liz Lundin is the new Headquarters manager. HQ is now documenting all requests and they come in and there is currently no backlog. Any application that is not complete, is returned with a letter indicating the problem so there are none being held at HQ.
General Counsel Report
      The trademark infringement with the punk rock group has been settled and we now own that domain name ( The porn group that was using the Tulsa site has been taken care of. We have a new contract for publishing the 99 News.
Bylaws Committee Report
      The one proposed bylaw amendment was withdrawn for further study. The standing rule amendment on Nominations, Elections & Procedures was passed as was the additional amendment to this section that was presented at the meeting.
Trust Reports
      Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum
      Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship
      Ninety-Nines Endowment Fund
      Ninety-Nines Museum of Women Pilots
Council of Governors Report
Teller´┐Żs Report
New Business
      Barbara Evans presented a check for $2000 from the last AWTAR meeting and Nancy Aldrich presented a check for $519 from her Flight Across America
Invitation to 2004 Conference (and other future conferences)
´┐Ż         The conference in 2004 will be hosted by the New York-New Jersey section and will be held in Atlantic City. Pre and post tours are still being planned. Dates are July 6-11 and the hotel is the Sheraton Atlantic City.
´┐Ż         The 2005 conference will be hosted by the New Zealand section and is currently being planned for Christchurch.
´┐Ż         The 2006 conference will be hosted by the Mid-Atlantic section and is Washington DC is being considered.
Thanks to 2003 Conference Committee
Installation of Directors and Trustees

Copies of most of the reports is available in the Conference Manual (see Linda or Deb if interested)

Friday evening was the Amelia Earhart Scholarship Banquet where the 2003 awards were presented and the previous awardees were honored.

Saturday, July 12 included more tour options and seminars. The Annual Awards Banquet was held that evening.

Sunday, July 13 everyone headed home, having had a great time.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Atlantic City in 2004.

Spring 2003 May 16-18 El Paso, TX

Hosted by the El Paso Chapter

Friday night the El Paso chapter welcomed everyone with a reception by the pool. Had lots of Mexican goodies and a mariachi band from one of the local high schools.

Saturday morning was the business meeting while the guys all got to go to the War Eagles Air Museum in Santa Teresa NM.

Business Meeting Minutes

Following the meeting, we had the awards banquet. The speakers were two young men who had restored an old Aero Commander and flew it around the world. Fascinating!!! Purple Sage won the travel trophy and door prizes and raffles were given out.

The afternoon and evening was spent on a ´┐ŻSouth of the Border Tour´┐Ż for shopping and a Mexican restaurant for dinner and entertainment.

All in all ´┐Ż another great section meeting. I would really encourage more of our chapters try to attend the next meeting.

Fall 2002 October 4-6 Eureka Springs, AR

Hosted by the Arkansas Chapter

What a great place for a meeting. Eureka Springs is a wonderful little town in the Ozark mountains (okay, for us Rocky Mountain people they aren't really mountains, but they were pretty steep hills when you are walking them). In addition to all the colorful scenery, there were a couple hundred corvettes in town to watch.

The first order of business at the section meeting on Saturday morning was to install our new officers. Jody McCarrell, our International President as well as a member of our section, did the honors.

Following the business meeting we all spent the afternoon at the seminars or exploring the town.

At the banquet the following awards were given:
    Governor's Award - San Antonio
    Travel Award - Golden Triangle
    SCS Annual Awards
        Chapter Operations - Golden Triangle, Shreveport
        Aviation Activities - Kansas, El Paso
        Aerospace Education - Lake Charles, Kansas
        Safety - Kansas, Purple Sage

The speaker for the banquet was Mr. Ken Quimby, Director of the Little Rock Aerospace Education Center. He also told about his relationship to Harriet Quimby, 

2002 International Conference - Kansas City

Approximately 300 Ninety-Nines from the USA as well as Canada and India
attended the Ninety-Nines 2002 International Convention.

The major business decisions were that a $10 annual dues increase was
approved for US, Caribbean and Canada members and the requirement for board members to be current pilots was retained.  Here is a list of all the
proposals and their disposition:

Proposed Amendment #1
Article V-Membership
Extended time for FWPs to get their Private Pilot's License.

Proposed Amendment #2
Article V-Membership
(Housecleaning to reflect current practice) Exempts Charter members and
Emeritus (Past Presidents) from annual membership dues. Cleans up language
regarding Charter, Emeritus and Life members.

Proposed Amendment #3
Article VI-Fiscal and Dues
(Housecleaning) Merely changes verbiage to reflect that the members
determine any changes in dues.

Proposed Amendment #4
Article X-Eligibility to Hold Office
Change Board of Directors requirement from being a current pilot to holding
a "valid" pilot certificate.

Standing Rules
Fiscal and Dues
A dues increase of $10 for all members, of which $2 was to go toward
Headquarters Building Maintenance Fund.
This question was decided in sections, after much discussion.
- First, the proposal to direct $2 of the increase to the Headquarters Building Maintenance Fund was withdrawn from consideration, due to legal
reconsideration. This was approved by the delegation.
- Second, a dues increase for overseas members was separated from the
general question. The members defeated a dues increase for the overseas
 - And, finally, the delegation approved a $10 dues increase for the
US, Caribbean and Canadian members.

The convention was not all work, by any means.  It is a great opportunity to
meet Ninety-Nines and learn more about flying around the country and around the world.  This is a friendly, informative and fun bunch of women!  We had a jazz and bar-b-q dinner, a historical aviation fashion show breakfast, and a field trip to Atchison during the Amelia Earhart festival.  If you go to the 2003 International Convention in Huntsville, you'll be glad you did, if it's anything like the Kansas City convention!

Spring 2002 April 19-21 Corpus Christi TX

Hosted by the Tip of Texas Chapter

Corpus Christi was wonderfully warm (compared to the cold I left in Denver), even though a bit windy, but many were able to fly in. 

On Thursday afternoon at the Chapter Chairman's meeting the following items were discussed:
    Scholarships - FWPs have been announced, others will be out soon
    Ideas for chapters
         Program recommendations for chapters - try AOPA's 'Programs in a Box'
        Keep meetings scheduled on a regular basis
    FWPs should notify headquarters as soon as they get their licenses so they can        become full 99s.
    There was some discussion about FWPs holding chapter offices. Vicki Lynn says the International bylaws will be reviewed and may be changed to prevent this.
    The awards committee previewed their recommendations to be discussed at the business meeting
    the NASA contract for the coming year(s) is still being worked on as are the materials. Jane Flynn was not able to make the meeting so there will be no NASA training at this time.
    Membership chairman Phyllis wells held a panel discussion on membership. members of various chapters presented ideas on how they get (and keep) members.

Business meeting - Friday, April 19
    7/1/02 is deadline for making updates for the next printing of the directory
    From HQ by Vicki Lynn Sherman
        - a dues increase will be discussed at conference in July
        - reported on the Frank B?? award the 99s recently were awarded
        - new sections formed in Spain and France and they are working on Nepal
        - current membership is 6200+
    Gloria Blank reported on the recommendations of the awards committee. The new form was approved and will be added to the website (see AWARDS) with the request that a way be found to weight the points so that the larger chapters will not be favored. It was also decided that we will keep the travel and scrapbook awards.
    Sondra Ridgeway told us what will be happening during this years international conference in Kansas City and Atchison.
    Judy humphries-Allerheiligen and Sherry LeMaster presented their work on our new chapter chairman's manual. They are going to use the SouthWest sections manual as a basis and passed out sections to volunteers for review and update.
    Jody McCarrell reported on her work as the 99s liaison to the Aviation World's Fair to be held April 7-27, 2003 in Newport News VA. She explained what we were going to be doing and requested help with exhibits for the pavilion. She also requested any ideas for company sponsorships.
    Anna requested that we donate $500 from this year's budget to the HQ fund and this was approved.
    Advisor reports 
        Membership - want to increase membership to 1025 by this time next year 
        Aviation Legislation - report by Charli Lamb (see ADVISORS)
    Marilyn White from the Arkansas chapter invited us to Eureka Springs, Oct 4-6 for Fall section

Following the business meeting we were transported to the museum on the carrier 'Lexington' where we had lunch and spent time touring the ship.

The banquet was held back at the hotel. The planned speaker was ill and not able to make it so Jacqui Boyd filled in and told us about her research into the ATA women in England  during World War II.

The travel award went to the Oklahoma Chapter.

Fall 2001 October 5-7 Shreveport LA

Hosted by the Shreveport Chapter

Due to the closure of all Air Force bases to the public, the Shreveport chapter had to do some major changes at the last minute for this meeting as many of the events had been planned for Barksdale Air Force base.

Also, there were many more registrations that expected so they also had to move some meetings to larger rooms.

They did a great job with all the unexpected opportunities.

The business meeting on Saturday was held in the Vintage Car Museum in downtown Shreveport about 3 blocks from out motel.

Governor´┐Żs report ´┐Ż Anna Taylor

 International report ´┐Ż Jody McCarrell, Int´┐Żl Vice President

 Other information

International Conference 2002 ´┐Ż ´┐ŻCelebrate the Future´┐Ż
- July 16-21, 2002
Kansas City, MO and Atchison, KS
- A silent auction will be held to raise money to pay for the conference. Each chapter is asked to donate an item
- Registration info will be on web-site and in Jan/Feb ´┐Ż99 News´┐Ż
Since this is being held in the South Central Section the hosting chapters are asking for help from the rest of the section.

Following the meeting, we all trooped over to the Hollywood Casino for lunch at the main buffet. Lots of good food and of course, wonderful conversation with other 99s.

The speaker for the Saturday night banquet was Amy Lou Pilkinton, a member of the Shreveport chapter. She told how she become interested in aviation and how she went on to become an FAA Safety Inspector-Operations.

As usual we all had a wonderful time and the Shreveport Chapter did a marvelous job with all the last minute changes.

Spring 2002 will be in Corpus Christi TX at the Emerald Beach Holiday Inn on April 19-21.  

Spring 2001 April 27-28 Oklahoma City OK

Hosted by the Oklahoma Chapter

Somehow the Oklahoma gals were able to put together five full days of good weather for us. I was able to make it all the way from Denver, CO to OKC and back with no trouble and even some tailwinds.

A couple of us from the Colorado chapter arrived on Wednesday so we would have time to visit headquarters on Thursday and see  'The Museum of Women Pilots'. If you haven't been there you should REALLY do so. Wonderful place. We also made it to the OmniPlex to see Louise Thaden's airplane that now belongs to the 99s. It looks great with the wings on!!

Checked into the Westin on Thursday afternoon. Went to the Arts Festival and then to Bricktown for supper.

Friday was the official start on the meeting. Checked in, meet everyone else and went to the board/chapter chairman's meeting. Following this was the NASA project seminar where we were all given NASA work bags and told how to hold an aviation education presentation. If the section does enough of these by June 30, 2001, we will receive a grant from NASA for $2000. If anyone wants more info, please contact one of the section officers.

Then we broke up into three groups to do some more sightseeing (Arts Festival, OKC Bombing Memorial or Bricktown). We all meet at Abuela's in bricktown for dinner and to help Jacque Boyd celebrate a milestone birthday. You'll have to ask Jacque which one!!

Saturday we boarded buses to take us to the University of Oklahoma Westheimer Airport. While we had the section business meeting at the U of O hanger, the 49 1/2s visited the Natural History Museum in Norman. They returned to join us for lunch in the hanger. Great pork sandwiches.

Highlights from the business meeting:
     Report from the Section Meeting Committee: Only about 50 responded to the survey. It seems we are still about 50/50 on holding one or two meetings a year. So we will continue with two for now. As soon as the chapter rotation plan runs out in 2004 we will start selecting destinations for two years hence at the section meeting. So in 2002 we will start planning for 2004.
     A motion was made and carried to present the $2000 from the NASA grant (if we get it) to the FWP Scholarship fund.
    Judy and Sherrie are putting together a Chapter Chairman's Manual. We you have any input or want to know more, contact them (see Board page for contacts).
     The proposed Standing Rule change to allow the Governor to decide which advisory committees are needed (rather than have them all listed) passed.
     Marion Piper invited us to Shreveport for the Fall meeting.

Then we toured the NOAA partners offices. These are the guys that do the serious tornado watching. Fascinating!!

Back to the Westin for some time at the hospitality suite and fly market.

The banquet speaker was Dr John Fagan, professor of Engineering and Director of WAAS, LAAS, GPS aviation research program at OU. We now all know what WAAS and LAAS really are. 

Fall 2000 September 15-17 Albuquerque NM

Hosted by the Albuquerque Chapter

Meeting report:

The main event of the meeting was the installation of new section officers:
    Governor Anna Taylor
    Vice-governor Frances Luckhart
    Secretary Jerry Anne Jurenka
    Treasurer Kris Irwin
    Director Judy Humphries
    Director Sherri LeMaster
    Past-Governor Bonita Ades
International Vice-President Jody McCarrell did the installation and presented each of the new officers with some item to help them in their new job. Anna received BIG glasses to help her see what to do; Frances got a 'helping hand (a mannequin's arm)' to help Anna. Jerry Anne received a LARGE pad of paper and pencil for keeping notes; Kris got lots of play money to help balance the books; and the directors and the past-governor got party favors to keep themselves entertained since nobody really knows what they do. It was lots of fun.

There were the usual reports of all the advisors and if anyone is interested in any of them, I will try to have some of them on the web page next month (see the page of the board and advisors). And of course all the awards were distributed. 

The main topic of discussion was what to do (if anything) about the dwindling numbers of members attending section meetings. A committee was formed to discuss this and come up with some options: # of meetings, times, locations, types, etc. The committee is Pat Ward, Jan McKenzie and Clancy Maloney. So if any one has any input, please let them know.

The banquet speaker was Beth Wright Smith, co-owner/operator of the World Balloon Corporation. Flanked by a couple of real balloon baskets, she told us what it was like getting the be the manager of a balloon company. The travel award went the Lake Charles chapter.

Other than that we just had a great time in ABQ shopping, eating and seeing old friends. 

The weather was great for flying both down and back. Sorry more of you weren't able to attend.

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