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Maybelle Fletcher of Houston Chapter Receives FAA Award
Colorado Woman Wins Prize Just for Showing Up
Pecan Plantation in the News
Retirement Party for Emily Howell Warner in Denver
Texas Proclamation on Women In Aviation

Maybelle Fletcher of Houston Chapter Receives FAA Award
by Lu Hollander

The Houston chapter is especially proud of Maybelle Fletcher, who, to her own surprise, provided the �focus� for the hangar party Friday night at the South Central Section Meeting, April 23, 2004.  Maybelle was presented with an award that had just been announced by the FAA and had been presented only once previously (posthumously to Duane Cole). She received the FAA�s �Master Pilot Award,� given to an individual who has possessed a pilot�s license for at least 50 years, and who has made significant contributions to aviation safety and education.  We are understandably proud of our own Maybelle!

Colorado Woman Wins Prize Just for Showing Up

Phyllis Wells of Penrose, CO (Pikes Peak Chapter) is the fourth quarter 2003 winner of a Sporty's handheld trasceiver, the door prize for attending an AOPA Air Safety Foundaton safety seminar.

Texas Proclamation on Women In Aviation 

Members of the San Antonio Chapter of  Ninety-Nines, Inc., an international organization of licensed women pilots, were recently joined with members of similar chapters from Austin and Ft. Worth at the State Capitol in Austin for the purpose of receiving the Proclamation dedicating the month of April to women in aviation. Elizabeth Jordan, Vice President of the San Antonio Chapter, was the primary person who  worked with State representative Arlene Wohlgemuth who is also a licensed pilot, and who conveyed the Proclamation to Governor Rick Perry for his signature.

Governor Perry, a pilot himself with thousands of hours, warmly greeted the contingency and singled out the pilot with the most hours, who was retired United Airline Captain Nancy Aldrich, of the San Antonio Chapter.

Other Ninety-Nines in attendance were, Gloria Blank, Margaret Cosby,  Barbara Faulk, Elizabeth, Jordan, and Laura Richter of the San Antonio Chapter;  Patricia Ward, Wildflower Chapter, Beverly and John Stephens, Golden Triangle, and from Austin: Ginger Baldwin, Dene Belletine, Catherine Boder, Sandra Carruthers, Toni Emerson, Christine and Michelle Gardy, Becky Hampel, Mary Mason Hull, Diana Marquez, Linda Colwell and Dana Whitley.  Also attending from the Austin area was author Debby Winegarten.

Following is the actual proclamation by the Texas governor.                                               

"State of Texas, Office of The Governor"

"The annals of aviation history chronicle for the generations to come the achievements of women and the role that they have played in building this key industry.

"From E. Lillian Todd, who designed and built an aircraft in 1906; Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic; to Lieutenant Colonel Eileen Collins, who became the first woman space shuttle commander in 1999, women have been a significant presence in aviation.  They have contributed immeasurably to the industry's many successes.

"In an effort to educate the public about the many contributions of women to the aviation industry and encourage young women and men to become interested in aviation and related fields, the month of April has been designated for an awareness campaign.  Whether they are educators, pilots or engineers, air
traffic controllers or airport managers mechanics or astronauts, flight attendants or aviation enthusiasts, women in the industry are accomplished professionals.  Theirs has been an integral role in an industry that is a vital sector to this nation's economy.

"At this time, I encourage all Texans to recognize the contributions of women in the aviation industry and the important role that the industry has had in furthering our economic prosperity and in building the Texas of tomorrow.

"Therefore, I, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, do hereby proclaim April 2002, "Women in Aviation Month"
            in Texas and urge the appropriate "recognition whereof." "In official recognition whereof, "I hereby affix my signature this the "11TH DAY OF December, 2001." Rick Perry, l.s. "Governor of Texas

Retirement Party for Emily Howell Warner in Denver

On Friday evening, April 26, 2002, the Guppy Club of United AirLines (The 737 Fleet) hosted a retirement party for Emily Howell Warner. Emily was the first woman to fly for a scheduled airline company in the United States in 1973 when she was hired by Frontier Airlines.

The Colorado Chapter of the Ninety-Nines was represented by Bev Sinclair, Donna Miller(now of the Ambassador Chapter), Bonita Ades, Joye Baker, Nancy Aldrich (now of the San Antonio  chapter), Anita Hessin, Linda Horn, Sylvia Harper and Glenna Bliss. 

We presented Emily with a picture which included two Jepp charts (airport diagrams) with the last day of Stapleton Airport and the first day of Denver International Airport special postal cancellations. The inscription on the picture said 'The evolution of an industry mirrored in one legendary woman's career. Bravo, Emily!  The Colorado 99s'. The picture was created by Donna Miller and Bev Sinclair.



Pecan Plantation in the News

There is an article in the New York Times on April 17, 2002 about Pecan Plantation's residential airpark in which Tom Lewis (Bonnie Lewis's husband) is quoted and there is a picture of him with the Tiger in front of their hangar.   Check out this url: (note: you will have to set up a log in to this site, but it is free)

If this link does not work, go to and do a search on Pecan Plantation to find the article.  The name of the article is: The Flight Leaves Anytime, From the Backyard.

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