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The Dallas Chapter has developed an Aviation STEM Seminar Guide and repository for seminar presentations and materials. It resides on our Section website at

This will be a continually evolving collection, and will include contributions from any chapter interested in providing input. Once we establish formal procedures for submitting content and determine the best format for display, it will be open for all Ninety-Nines Chapters to share and contribute.

The site now includes these elements:

We welcome comments, additions to the Seminar Guide, PowerPoint Presentations, handouts, or anything else that would be helpful in putting on a seminar. All contributions will be noted with the name of the chapter submitting the content.

Please send feedback and contributions to Janny Strickland and Holly Barr:
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Holly Barr:

Aviation STEM Seminar for Cadettes

The Dallas Chapter held its first Cadette-level Aviation STEM Seminar, "Pathways to Flight", at McKinney National Airport in November, 2013. Cadettes are in 6th - 8th grades and are closer to exploring interests and becoming eligible to participate in aviation-related activities such as the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and AOPA's AV8Rs.  

Content for this seminar is deeper and more detailed than the Junior level. We added topics such as weight and balance, the instruments in the six-pack, weather, and using a basic airport diagram to discuss the airport environment.

The seminar is divided into three parts in order to give the girls a break from classroom activities:

Part 1:                                                  

Part 2:

Part 3:

Details and the agenda can be found in the STEM Seminar Guide and accompanying materials.

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