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The Girl Scout Aviation STEM Seminar Guide was developed by the Dallas Chapter 99s with input from other chapters as noted in the guide.

It contains recommendations for administering seminars at the Junior (4th- 5th grades) and Cadette (6th - 8th grades) Girl Scout levels. The materials in the links by category can be used in conjunction with the guide to help make the seminar successful, and can be reproduced freely.

Girl Scout Aviation STEM Seminar Guide

Promotional Items:

Seminar Preparations: Seminar Handouts: Presentation Visual Aids: PowerPoint Presentations:
Junior Seminar Flyer
Cadette Seminar Flyer
Seminar Ads
Junior Seminar Registration Form
Cadette Seminar Registration Form
Junior Seminar Agenda
Cadette Seminar Agenda and Exercises

Entrance Sign
AOPA Path Airplanes!
Navigation Chart - Junior
Navigation Chart - Cadette
Navigation Chart Legends
Phonetic Alphabet
NASA Spinoffs
Civil Air Patrol
Evaluation - Girl Scout
Junior Evaluation - Adult
Cadette Evaluation - Adult
Example Certificate
Parts of Plane
KTKI Diagram
Six Pack & Primary Flight Display
Women in History
Inside the Cockpit
Powder Puff Derby
Space Food & Spinoffs

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